Just Like Dean Winchester [Single]

by Owleye

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Just Like Dean Winchester:
This song has a mix of both in your face straight forwardness and ‘take your own meaning’ parts from it. This straight forward part you might get from it is “hey friends suck sometimes” the underlying parts are that sometimes in your friendships it’s not them back stabbing you, it’s you being the problem. In a nut shell, this one is about all my friends that I have lost because of what I did. I think a lot of people can relate to that. (BONUS: Dean Winchester is known in the TV show for somehow getting all of his friends killed on accident, and in some case killing them because they went bad.)



When I turn around you got a finger on a trigger pointed at the back of my neck son


The waves come crashing in
I’m fucking drowning
My memories crawling back
Missing puzzle pieces
So fascinating
Misguided rules of thought

Nothing but ghosts return from my past
Good god my funeral will be empty
Without a sign or doubt of remorse
I guess I never could catch the smoke could I?

Breathe in and I’ll follow
But I don’t think you’ll ever live again
And if you change actions
Don’t expect me to give second chances

I’ve heard a lot of lies and I burned them all with matched
But all I ever got were bullets to my pride
I’ve known a lot of crows and I’ve met a lot of shadows
But every time I swear the reaper always wins

I shook the hand of solitude
And kissed the lips of my demon
But nothing hurt me like abandonment
And the darkness too me like a heartless wretch

Abandonment as the heartless wretch

Can’t you see me
Flailing around
My strait jacket
Lone in a room

I’m all alone
Nothing breaks me from this
Recent attempts
Just won cut out my eyes

I’m so sick of watching my friends walk away from my life
The blood of the ones I have lost wakes me up from my dreams

I awake cracks within my bones
I know this emptiness
It shakes my hands to the bone
Deep down cover you up
Forget everything

Da da da da – Da
All of my friends are – Dead

I buried them out back


released October 31, 2014
All Music and lyrics by Owleye



all rights reserved


Owleye Denver, Colorado

Pulling members from current and past local bands such as Here Lies the Difference, Afterlife, She’s Buried Out Back, and Her Last Breath Owleye started as simple jam sessions and quickly turned into a project full of drive and camaraderie. With a name chosen and writing in the process Owleye is finding an in on Denver shows and preparing to enter the studio for an EP release on November 26th! ... more

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